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*** News! Appointments now available in Kirkwall, Orkney ***

    ..... for Humans and Horses too!

If you are seeking another way of approaching either your own health or that of your horse then the services I offer could be of interest to you.

Over the last few years I have developed an increasing interest in the field of alternative and complementary health which has led me to explore various therapies and practices. During this period I have realised that there is a place for many different approaches to health depending on an individual’s requirements at any given time however, the method that I have found to be the most powerful for humans is something called Vibrational Medicine.  My training with The Scottish School of Vibrational Medicine in Nairn was carried out over a two year period and I qualified as a practitioner in October 2011.

Having been involved with horses for a number of years I was seeking a way of promoting their health and wellbeing when I heard about Equine Touch through the Natural Horsemanship community. Equine Touch is a form of bodywork which emphasises addressing the whole horse not just the area that appears to have a problem. This aspect really appealed to me so I decided to explore the method further and once I had completed the Level 1 course I was hooked!  Having subsequently passed my Level 1, 2 and 3 assessments I am now continuing training to become an Equine Touch Practitioner.

Karen with Misha

Holistic Health and Harmony was created out of my desire to find a way of describing my interest in helping both Humans and Horses with my current skills whilst allowing for the possibility of encompassing other fields in the future ....


I can now offer stand alone Reiki energy sessions and, if needed, will incorporate Reiki into any of my other work.

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