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I have owned horses for a number of years and I wanted to be able to help them with their aches and pains in a less aggressive way than some of the more conventional techniques so when I heard about Equine Touch through the Natural Horsemanship community I immediately wanted to know more.

Equine Touch is a non diagnostic, non invasive Equine Bodywork system which addresses the connective soft tissue such as fascia, muscles and ligaments.  In practice it consists of a series of vibrational moves performed by your hands gently moving over precise points on the equines body.  These moves are carried out in predetermined patterns, which when processed by the horse help it to attain the ideal state of balance. 

These procedures have the effect of inducing deep relaxation, releasing hypertonic and traumatized muscles, encouraging muscle tone, improving straightness and movement, recovery from injury and atrophy, reducing pain spiral, and assisting in detoxification and lymphatic drainage.

Equine Touch is not designed or intended in any way in whole or in part to be a substitute for orthodox allopathic veterinary practice. It is not a therapy as such but a holistic gift to the horse which is as complementary to allopathic address as it is to chiropractic, homeopathy and herbal medicine as well as the horse's own healing system.

Currently I am working towards my Practitioner qualification so I am looking for case studies in order to complete the required number of sessions. Therefore if you have a horse with a problem which you think might benefit from Equine Touch or if you would like to see Equine Touch in action please contact me to arrange an appointment. 

Sessions are free of charge until I am qualified!